September 29, 2010

Quadruple amputation was not enough. The machine was determined to do something about Bob's ugly shirt.

September 24, 2010

They seemed like such a nice family. No one could have foreseen the incident with the milkman and the trash compactor.

September 20, 2010

He always knew they'd catch up to him someday. But he never expected this.

September 16, 2010

The gendarme gave her suitcase a cursory glance, then winked and waved her through.

September 09, 2010

Let's see: Mittens? Check. Pointy-toed shoes? Check. Sense of balance and/or dignity? Oops.

September 06, 2010

This one's for my Stick Figure child. First day of school today. (sniff)

September 03, 2010

The apple, sadly, didn't fall far from the tree.

September 02, 2010

When the jeep swerved, the fish saw their chance to escape.